More than 100 cities around the world

nextbike it is bike-sharing system. nextbike available in hundreds of cities in over 16 countries. Nextbike offers 35,000 bicycles in cities in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Dubai, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and the US

In 2015/2016, Lviv became the first city in Ukraine, where public bike-sharing system was implemented.

It's easy

Register once and you can use all nextbike systems worldwide! You can rent and return bicycles with a mobile application for smartphones, terminal on rental stations. Better buy a season ticket to enjoy cheaper rates.

It's convenient and climate-friendly

nextbike is a fully automated bike sharing system. Our rental bikes are available 24/7 in public space. As complement to public transport we offer CO2-free transport for cities and whole regions.

You can rent a bike at one station and return on the other. No need to worry about caring for bike, because our specialists will care.